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  • Lynx,a.k.a.Sayuri,is a beautiful girl,wears legendary Ninja-tector and fights the evil forces. In an epic battle,she falls into a crisis where a tentacle-like whip binds her and almost crush her breast.It is Klein the Mask,another Ninja-tector,who saves Lynx.But Sayuri is not pleased by Klein’s help.Sayuri goes to the city and meets Kasumi who falls down because of hunger.As they live together,Raven the Evil Ninja-techtor attacks them!Sayuri loses the fight,goes through electric torture and cries out in pain.Klein succeeds to capture Raven and tortures him to find Sauri’s whereabouts.The good heroine has to torture someone,even if he is Evil.That haunts her like she is in purgatory....Who is Klein? Is Lynx going to defeat Raven who later becomes monster.
  • The most unique thing in this movie is the scene where the good heroine tortures the evil heroine. Kasumi (Rie Tezuka), a cute and typical high school student, had to torture the antagonist (Kazumi Yukiya) like hell to save her best frined, Sayuri (Akari Ozawa). That was the most demanding shooting because I had to work on the dark side of the heroine without destroying what our heroine shold be. I could direct it because Rie’s acting skill was brilliant.In action scenes,Rie was sharp and quick.Akari was the first time to do actions but good enough to impress Mr.Hayase,the action choreographer.When Akari’s character was put in danger,She was very disciplined and her acting was great.Especially I was mesmerized by her beautiful eyes.We worked hard on the visual effects this time.Please pay attention to the flying feather Shuriken,a Ninja’s weapon.The shooting would last until the early morning to get it right.We believe the movie is entertaining.I want all the movie fans to watch it,not to mention Rie’s and Akari’s fans.
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