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  • Dream Sailors Vol.01001
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  • Dream Sailors Vol.01017
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  • Dream Sailors Vol.01019
  • Dream Sailors Vol.01020
  • When stellar arrangement changes once in 444 years, a legendary holy jewel appears. And the evil organization, the Jannoll(means call me evil in Japanese pronunciation) which aims at the holy jewel also begins to move calmly! A girl, Mitsuki Myojin(means hopeful sunlight with God) belongs to an astronomical club. She has inherited a mission which should protect the legendary holy jewel. Her best friend named Akane Homura(means vermilion sounds in a spike village) is an active girl who fancies to be an astronomy’s cameraman. A girl, Aoi Shimizu(means mellowness with spring water), who fancies writing novels in connection with astronomy, is also a member of the club. On the campus of such a casual university, Mitsuki Myojin gets a sense of a vicious sign. It’s a sign of the Jannoll rightly. Mitsuki Myojin sends the two friends to an appointed place previously, and goes to a spot to follow the sign of the Jannoll. Then, a monster Ducdoll appears there. Mitsuki Myojin transforms herself into the Sailor-Stellar and succeeds in beating the monster, Ducdoll. At the time, the Jannoll gets to know that the legendary holy jewel exists in human dreams, and appears in front of Akane Homura and Aoi Shimizu and absorbs two girls’ dreams. The Sailor-Stella fights against the enemy in order to rescue the two girls whose dreams have been deprived! Well, can two girls’ dreams be regained sure enough!?
  • Mitsuki Myoujin as the Sailor-Fighter fights against the enemy alone. This work obtains more than enough action scenes on the whole. In the first half of the battles, battles of the Sailor-Stella(Mitsuki Myojin) keep on going mainly. The evil side is drawn as an organization of a little idiot. Three evil members of the JannollーNoir, Olter, and Jay-Darkーare quarreling with each other by whether who gets the holy jewel and presents it to the top of the organization. Akane Homura and Aoi Shimizu even give up living because their dreams are deprived in this first half. The Stella gives the Sailor-Energy to such girls. Then, three Sailor-Fighters appear there for the first time. If I mention about it so much here, it will be spoiler, so I refrain from writing more about it. This work has become a little bizarre one.
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