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  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion001
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion002
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion003
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion004
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion005
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion006
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion007
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion008
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion009
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion010
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion011
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion012
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion013
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion014
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion015
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion016
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion017
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion018
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion019
  • Angel Great War - Sailor Rion020
  • A beautiful girl Shoko Tendo has been in a mental asylum after her mind was deranged by her parent’s death, where she has her brain washed with electricity every day under what’s termed as a treatment. Mako Yamijo, a vicious woman doctor ordering the treatment, is intent on retrieving the capacity hidden in the memory of Shoko to revive the dead, so that she earns big money. Shoko, unable to stand the treatment, passes out. Losing her senses is the only way out for her. The woman doctor with self-interest and greed sends the wild-dream radiowave into Shoko’s brain to create monsters in her mental world and have them assault her... Her mentality is further deranged, wearing her out. But, her survival instinct gives rise in her mental world to the invincible super heroine, Sailorion, who beats down the monsters one after another the woman doctor dispatches. Meanwhile, the ESP Agent, a secret organization, has been mibilized to obtain evidence for the corruptive acts of Mako Yamijo. Misa Yamato, having the capacity of diving into mental worlds, sneaks into the asylum and into the mental world of Shoko to save her out. But, the woman doctor finds Misa’s identity and puts her to torture. Shoko and Misa are now cornered in a fix. Then the greed of the woman doctor turns against her, sending all three of them to the same mental world. Shoko and Misa change into Sailorions and fight in the mental world against the monsters and the wicked woman doctor!
  • You should keep your eyes open for the highlights in this work as Arisa Taki performs her actions with sharp edges and reactions in pinch scenes with such sexy charms. Three costumes have been designed especially to bring out her charms. The first one is the uniform to play up her pure innocence. Women patients in the mental hospital are dressed differenrtly to match their ages. The second is the black leotard, to make the pretty body line of Arisa Taki look sexier as she gets tortured. The last one is the Sailorion costume, which allows Arisa Taki to play the strong, magnificent and stoic heroine, The story unfolds to depict the human growth drama as the mentally deranged heroine builds her strength in facing reality after she lost her parent in the dark ploy of the woman doctor, while in the mental world she is a little girl transforming into an undefeatable heroine, and in reality she is such a naive, bashful girl who cannot even talk to people. And, another heroine played by a novice actress, a 17-year-old Leon Harazawa, adds to the interesting feature of this work. The white Sailorion and the white leotard were prepared to make her look as much a charming heroine as Arisa Taki. This action drama which was shot in the newly set-up subway car is a must-see.
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