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  • Mikoto was once a warrior god, who, after rebelling against the lord of hell, was banished to the world of Shura the fighting demon. Being afraid of the enormous powers the warrior god possesses, the lord of hell seals off Mikoto inside the body of a high school girl, and orders her to kill oni ogres lurking in the human world, as ’JK Slayer’.... One day Shinji Komori, a little boy she knows, asks her to help, looking terribly frightened. The boy guides Mikoto to the place where he claims he was attacked by an oni, but they cannot find any monsters. There Shinji’s father suddenly shows up, telling her that his son is just making up a story, as if to attempt to send Mikoto away. Mikoto, however, detects that Shinji’s father is possessed by an oni, and she starts fighting a fierce comba with it. During the battle the evil oni steals the soul of Shinji and escapes into the hell. To retrieve the boy’s stolen soul, Mikoto follows the monster and descends into the underworld, where the oni monsters rule. Can Mikoto save Shinji from the oni monsters!?
  • Though the film’s theme is action featuring a high school girl, the story is not about school life, but about slaying oni ogres. Don’t miss the star Maaya Morinaga-san’s fast and stylish moves in action scenes. The design of the evil red oni monster is also impressive. Please check out the film’s powerful heroine-in-peril scene using slow motion effectively. This is a fun ride with lots of highlights. Enjoy it.
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