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  • Angie is a Space Special Agent newly stationed at Earth, where her brother Gai Shinmei, also known as Space Special Agent Gain, currently lives. In her fight against Sorcie, a female warrior sent out by Ryuze, a woman officer of the space criminal syndicate Taboo, Angie notices that Sorcie is not really a bad woman at heart. Angie wins the battle, but instead of killing Sorcie on the spot, she attempts to persuade her to mend her ways. However, Sakaki and Mizushima, members of Earth’s Defense Forces interfere and take the captive warrior away, as they bear feelings of rivalry toward Space Special Agent Gain. They start torturing Sorcie, trying to get information about Taboo, but Angie steps in and rescues Sorcie, unable to overlook such atrocities. Sorcie learns she has been deceived by Ryuze, but too late. Angie and Sorcie lose the battle with a Taboo officer Grome confronting them. Sorcie is severely wounded, and Angie is captured and subjected to tortures. To save Angie, Sorcie defeats Ryuze at the cost of losing her life, dying in Angie’s arms. In her fit of anger she wages a fight against Grome, an enemy too strong for her, with her weakened body after severe tortures. What will become of Angie’s fate?
  • The film stars fresh and charming Miss Miki Mochiduki, and Miss Yuna Hashimoto, who is now a familiar face for fans of our company’s films. It has been a long time since I worked for Zen Picture last time, but filming went very smoothly thanks to the great jobs done by our leading ladies. I think we made a great film with a nice combination of vivacious and joyful Mochiduki-san and gorgeous and sexy Hashimoto-san. I personally like the facial expression of Hashimoto-san’s Sorcie casting a spell on the men. She is so sexy! I want as many people as possible to watch her charming face. Please don’t miss it.
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