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  • Team Judge is a group of professional agents punishing the evil. The members are code-named Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu and Seiryu. But it seems one person is not very happy with their activities, and commissions a job to the assassination clan Erases to eliminate Judge. Mistress, the leader of Erase, uses her group’s female doctor Rei Yazawa aka. Shilling as a bait, so that she can lure the Judge members into a trap. Judge’s leader Seiryu orders Miyuki ‘Byakko’ Gabou to take care of the corrupt doctor Rei alone because of Miyuki’s unprofessional conduct in their last mission. Miyuki and Rei were classmates, and in school Miyuki was often bullied by Rei. Miyuki is tricked into captivity by Rei, who claims that she is a changed person now and is wrongly accused. Miyuki is subjected to hard tortures by sadistic Rei, who has been perversely attracted to her. Hina Tsubasa or Suzaku, who loves Miyuki like her own young sister, sets out to rescue the captive Miyuki on her own, but she is also captured and tortured in front of Miyuki. With a help from their partners, the two girls manage to escape and defeat all the Erases members except Mistress and Rei, but they are confronted by none other than Genbu and Seiryu, who are mind-controlled by Rei.
  • Yui Akamatsu-san has come back to ZEN pictures after a long interval, and, well, in her new film, her heroine Miyuki Gabou will be continuously punishmentd throughout. During her first mission, she is tortured with a stun-gun; then in the flashback sequence she is teased by Rei Yazawa, who keeps tickling her; back in the present time she is again tortured with an injector and a stun-gun; and in the final battle she is tormented by her brainwashed partners Genbu and Seiryu together. In addition to these, this film is memorable for the fine performances from the female players including Miss Yuu Hashimoto as Miyuki’s trusted partner Suzaku and Miss Ayumi Asaka as the perverse torturer Rei Yazawa, as well as the colorful male baddies Mizuki who gets killed in the opening, and an Erase member Flat. Please don’t miss it.
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