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  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers001
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers002
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers003
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers004
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers005
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers006
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  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers017
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers018
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers019
  • Mysterious Force Gaia Rangers020
  • Grappler Rei Hosizaki, feeling rivalry with Mizuki when she used to be a human, learns that Mizuki has become a member of the Guire Rangers, which prompts her to join the Dark Devils as Evelan. To beat Mizuki, Evelan plans to capture Guire Pink, who is inferior in fighting capacity, and make her give away Guire Blue’s weak points. Withstanding the cruel interrogation, Guire Pink holds on to protect Guire Blue and lets Evelan know their bondage is strong. Evelan sets up a special boundary that bounces off male chromosome to keep male Guire Rangers away and lures out Mizuki by using Momoe as bait. Unable to resist, Blue gets battered by Dark Pod and Evelan and troubled with the Guire suit that serves as a double-edged sword. And, finally, Blue is captured. Blue and Pink, both troubled with Guire suits, fall into a fix...
  • This is a new production of Guire Rangers, the popular series. Playing the lead roles were Narumi Okawa, a new gravure idol selected in the audition, and Rika Hoshimi, another popular idol. Konomi Morita played the part of evil woman cadre, whom we invited for shooting. These three actresses participated in the pre-shooting rehearsal and brushed up their action performance. The shooting took place in the middle of summer heat, with all of them wearing masks. It must have been a hard work for them. When we shot on location in the park, a swarm of mosquitoes raided us and they were harder enemies than the specters. In spite of the nerve-fraying shooting, the actresses were all in smiles, tackling with performance, each displaying individual character. It was a great shooting experience. Watch the ardent dedication of the staffs and cast in this production!
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