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  • Tokyo seems as peaceful as usual. But an evil power is closing on. Yoma, a space criminal group that has been plotting the conquest of galaxies and destroyed a number of stars, just sets its eyes on the earth! A specter beast Bonequo makes an attack on happy families. There appears Aruma, a detective in charge of the earth belonging to Space Police Organization. As the laser sword of Aruma tries to stop Bonequo, the space’s best gunfighter Gorgostar shows up. At the sight of him, Aruma is angry so much that he loses his mind. He turns out to be her enemy who killed her father and sister 15 years ago...!
  • I’m Takashi Kondo. I am pleased in having a chance to work as a filmmaker commencing with this production. I’m willing to create a lot of heroine action films of high quality. In this first film, I had Maho Rukawa of the action team called ”Complete ☆Kids” play a leading role, Miyuki Kuga, and fight as much as she could. I appreciate her doing a great job with that heavy costume on in such hot weather! Let me also thank the action director Shuya Yoshimoto for the better-than-expected outcome in response to my headstrong demands for rather old-fashioned authentic hero action. I can’t thank them enough. The Other performers and crew also did so well aiming at this unprecedented film that the aura will be radiated from the screen, I think. I hope you will enjoy the film. Please don’t miss it!!
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