SUPER HEROINE ACTION Special Manufacture, ZEN Pictures.


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  • Three girls, Wakaba(means a fresh verdure), Misato(means a beautiful county side) and Aiko(means a lovely child) have received spiteful hazing from the educational staffs in the daytime and they have received special training of a person called Elite at night, and three girls spend days like this continuously day after day. Such a day, the educational staffs’ evil hands are about to approach Wakaba, so three girls, who are backed up by Elite, decide to confront their educational staffs, respectively. Also another girl named Mayumi (means a real bow) is being taken torture by a combatant whose family was killed, but she is also able to get rid of all her useless thought by one word of Wakaba and she decides to confront her situation, too. And Wakaba, Misato and Aiko keep the combative tactics given by Elite to themselves and they go to each educational staffs’ place. Well, how will be their destiny turned out!
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