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  • The report suddenly enters the origin of the cornel who is Gaia ranger’s member from a man named childhood friend’s Riki. ItThe cornel that perceives the plot of a dark devil on the back side of the accident of the town starts immediately requesting assistance to the headquarters, and a dark devil appears there and it attacks the cornel. However, the cornel from which Riki was taken by the hostage in mystery man Cragegil in the state of the nonresistance and to the thing that is FAnd, the cornel finally confined to enemy’s hideout : to receiving malicious blame that takes the characteristic of the Gaia suit in the inverted hand. The Gaia suit absorbs the element of the inside of the body when a certain time is passed and supplements energy. Dark devil etc. that are painful and pursue and attack a retreating enemy to cornel further only by installing it. The cornel does escape really from this pinch and can help out Riki?
  • This viewpoint that Maya Shimada of starring thinks to go with the impression of the first practice in a serious route is a place that the weak point of the transformation suit afflicts the heroine. And, it is a point because it challenges the technique with a difficult action scene where it wants you to pay attention.
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