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  • Space Union-authorized Cutie Hunter Lily has been chasing the space monsters, Wan and Ted to the earth who are offered a prize of 100 million dillars, fighting hard. A college student, Yuriko, watches the battle, taking it for some filming… Seeing Lily in a pinch and being beaten by the monsters, Yuriko thrusts herself into the battle without thinking. As expected, she is caught by Wan and Ted, and about to be eaten. Lily goes to rescue her, but she is helpless against them. At last, Lily throws her bracelet at Yuriko!! ”Hunter Cross ON!!” Yuriko’s body becomes small and she transforms herselfr into Cutie Hunter Yuriko! She joins force with Lily, and manages to beat only Wan. But there are red eyes of Ted behind them…
  • Regular members of ZEN, Reina Fujii and Shoko Fujimatsu outshone adults with their acting this time, too. Of course, the highlights are their sharp action and a bit of comic acting in this film. Also, I want to thank Masako Horie, who acted as Yuriko before transformation.
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