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  • At midnight a cellphone rings ,indicating there is an incoming e-mail with a message to cerebrate birthday. It happens ten days later. It was 10 years since a girl committed suicide. Shizuko, her grandmother, shows her deep sorrow. Since that time Shizuko has kept praying for the girl every day to date. A woman comes to see Shizuko, but she gets terribly upset and dies because of a heart attack. At midnight Ishizawa’s cellphone rings, indicating there is an incoming e-mail sent from ” Φ .” It is 10 days before her birthday. She thinks of the e-mail as someone’s joke, but she dies in 10 days at home. This birthday e-mail apparently has a spell, and people are scared of receiving it. Mio Kurosawa (played by Yuka Ono), one of the acquaintances of the suicide girl, makes a contact of her only close frined, Kana Matsushima (played by Haruka Ogura). Kana works for a publisher and independently investigates this case. She learns that there have been three victims by the mysterious birthday mail. As Kana explains what she learns to Mio, Mio starts to shake her body and assaults Kana! Mio, possessed by the soul of the suicide girl, says unbelievable things.
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