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  • Shizuka Aoi is a journalist working for a magazine devoted to spirits and paranormal activities. With a cameraman Natsume, she sets out to cover the story of “Yamabiko” of Mt. Hyohei, one of the four most haunted sites in Kanto district. The legend has it that those who shout there will be cursed and die. She interviews the chief priest of Housan-ji temple, who reveals the truth about a secret ritual of the deserted village. That is, some villagers had been chosen and offered up as a sacrifice to Yamabiko, a fearsome deity of the mountain, who once sent a famine to the village in the Heian era. Even today people would not speak about Yamabiko-sama, and everything is wrapped in mystery. What is this Yamabiko, an object of fear and dread? Is it true that it brings curse and death upon those who shout? Shizuka steps into the forbidden area, and what will she discover in the end?
  • This episode is about a story of Yamabiko, a Japanese spirit. If you have traveled in the mountains, you remember hearing the echoes of your own voice, but few people know that the echo, or Yamabiko, is actually a terrifying “yokai” spirit. To lend realism to the tale of Yamabiko, we actually made a trip to the mountains near Isezaki city and did on-location filming. Enjoy the tale of Yamabiko and its image that is visualized for the first time ever.
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