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  • Fi-Buster [First Part]001
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  • Fi-Buster [First Part]020
  • Five female fighters called ”Fi-Buster” have the mysterious power,”Fi-Energy”. They face the biggest crisis when fighting the Gigantica Empire who tries to cotrol the earth! Yellow Buster carelessly go ahead although Blue stops her.Fair enough,Yellow falls into the trap of Meguna,a female monster. Green hears Yellow’s crying,goes to help her but Meguna attacks Green with its poisonous liquid.Green gets injured severely in the fight. Fi-Busters can barely withdraw.Yellow feels responsible about Green’s injury and makes up her mind to fight Meguna back by herself. But Yellow gets hurt by Meguna’s powerful poison,loses the fight and is captured in Meguna’s hide. Blue goes to help her only to find herself helpless in front of Meguna taking Yellow as a hostage. Red and Pink are in a hurry to make the antitode while Green is dying and Yellow and Blue are taken as hostages.Fi-Busters must overcome the biggest crisis ever!
  • We made this movie under the motto ”The bigger the lie,the better the movie will be”.We worked hard on the big dramas and actions.We also shot many titillating shots.Hence,we didn’t lie about the a.k.a of Fi-Buster,”Big Tits Fighters”.The most appealing scene is the scene where Fi-B uster goes through the poisonous liquid torture.
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