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  • KEI and AI both belong to the nation’s special intelligence corps. Their characters are strikingly different; KEI is cool while AI is genteel. Both are allowed to terminate heinous criminals at their discretion. KEI does not hesitate to terminate criminals. AI has doubts about KEI as such. KEI has the past she does not want to talk about! Vicious criminals stand before them! Cool KEI starts actions at AI’s pinch, but KEI meets her sudden death! AI is confounded... Now, how will she be able to get over the big pinch!?
  • Hitomi Furusaki, popular at ZEN, and Aya Takemoto, a second-timer with us, are standing against villains in pair! Both are tall and the costumes fit them well. Gun actions as well as body actions! And, the big pinch comes upon them! The shooting took place from early morning till next morning!? through which they both hanged in well with gusto. Furusaki was stylish, while Takemoto displayed her emotions well. They acted together for their first time, but they got along pretty well in just one day. Hopefully, I have another chance to shoot Killing Angels 2 with them again.
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