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Q & A

About Movie Problems

Step 1. Change the settings for Proxy
If the proxy is activated for the internet browser, please try the following steps to disable it.

If you are using Internet Explorer…
From the menu, go to “Tools” => “Internet Option” => “Connections” => “LAN Settings” and disable Proxy Server.

If you are using Firefox…
From the menu, go to “Tools” => “Option” => “Advanced” => “Network” => “Connection Settings” and click on “No Proxy.”
Step 2. Reset the License Information (Delete)
If for some reason, the data is corrupt.

*Problems with Windows may occur if erroneous operations are taken. If for some reason a malfunction occurs after trying these steps, we cannot take any responsibility for the damage it has caused. Please try the following steps at one’s own risk.

-How to show the invisible files
Usually, the license information files are hidden, so please try following steps to display it.

(1) Search from “Search box” with entering ‘Folder’ and start up “Folder Option” or suitable function.

For Windows 10
Search from “Search for Web and Windows ” displayed next to Start button (Windows mark) => Start up “Show all files and folders”

For Windows 8.1 / 8
Search from the magnifier icon which is displayed on next to Shutdown button or displayed when move pointer to right end of the screen.

For Windows 7 / vista
Click on “Start menu (Windows mark)” and search from “Search of Programs and Files” on bottom.

(2) In the folder option, click on the “View” tab. Click on “Show hidden files, folders, and drives, under the “Hidden files and folders.”

*Click on "Show all files and folders" for Windows Vista.

(3) Take off the check for “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”

(4) Click “Yes” when the warning appears.

(5) Apply => Yes

(6) Close control panel.

Steps to resetting the license. (Delete)

(1) Click on the Windows button and search for the following folder.

For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

For Windows Vista
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady

(2) Open the PlayReady folder.

(3) Delete the files inside the folder.
Step 3. Reinstalling Silverlight
(1) Uninstall Silverlight

For Windows 10
“Start Menu” => “ Setting” => “System” => Click on “Application and Function”

For other Windows
“Start menu” => “Control Panel” => Click on “Program and Function”
For Windows 8.1/8, “Access Menu” to the “Control Panel” is displayed when your mouse cursor move to the upper right (or lower right) of the screen in the desktop mode after clicking “gear” mark displayed on right end of the screen.

(2) Choose “Microsoft Silverlight” => Click on “Uninstall”

Then “Microsoft Silverlight” is deleted.

How to install Microsoft Silverlight
After uninstalling the program, please try playing our sample movies once again to start the installation of Microsoft Silverlight.
If the installment does not start, please go to the following website to download Microsoft Silverlight.

Download Microsoft Silverlight (Microsoft)
If the window freezes when you try full-screen mode
Please try the following steps if the window freezes when you try the full-screen mode.

1. Right click on the movie and click on [Silverlight(S)]

2. Under the [Playback] tab, turn off "Enable hardware-accelerated playback"

If you still have problems playing the movie in full-screen mode, updating your video card driver to the latest version may solve the problem.

In order to update your video card, please check the website for your video card.
How can I uninstall Silverlight from Mac PC?
Please try the following steps for uninstall the Silverlight plugin from Mac PC.

(1) Finish all browsers and close all windows including this window. (We recommend printing the following guidance.)

(2) Click on “Finder” or “Macintosh HD” and open “Library”

(3) Select “Internet Plug-Ins”

(4) Drug “Silverlight plugin” to the Dustbin.

(5) Clean up the all contents in the Dustbin and uninstallation of Microsoft Silverlight is completed.
To all Mac Users,
For Mac users, only Safari browser allows you to install the [SP Player].

If you are using Safari 6.1 or above, you may need another setting of Safari
to install Silverlight.
If you are using Safari 6.1 or above, you can’t install the Player with its
initial security setting. In this case, please change the security setting
to install the Player.
* Please restore the changed setting to original after installation is

[To install Silverlight in Safari 9.x]
1) Open the Plug-Ins setting display from “Security” (Safari>Preferences)

2) Select “Silverlight” from Plug-Ins setting list and select
“www.akiba-web.com” from the list displayed on the right.
3) Switch to "Run in Unsafe Mode" from the drop-down list.

[To install Silverlight in Safari 10]
1) Open the Plug-Ins setting display from “Security” (Safari>Preferences)

2) Select “Silverlight” from Plug-ins setting list and select
“www.akiba-web.com” from the list displayed on the right.
3) Hold down the "Option Key" and click the “www.akiba-web.com”
4) Uncheck “Run in Safe Mode”

If “…can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” is
displayed when you execute downloaded [SP Player(SP Player.app)] after its
installation, please proceed the following procedure:

1) Click on Installer with pressing Control Key and select “Open” from the
displayed menu.
2) When Alert Message is displayed, select “Open”

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