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I cannot log in, even when I type in User ID and Password.
If you cannot log-in, the following reasons may be presumable.

1. It says "User ID or password is not correct"

If this message appears, user ID or password is wrong. Please be careful with upper case letters and lower case letters (a or A, etc.), and precisely enter the correct ID/password. Your email address is not your user ID.

2. The firewall and/or an anti-virus software is installed.

Sometimes the firewall and/or an antivirus software blocks the movie. If the following security software are installed, please turn them off momentarily.

Here is the list of software that may affect your use (mostly in Japan).
"Virus Buster" "Norton" "NOD32" "Kaspersky" "McAfee" "Virus Security ZERO", etc.

3. The time settings for the computer is greatly different from the real time.
Please go to Control Panel, and open a property of "Date and Time," and set appropriate date and time.
I want to change my password.
You can change your password from "MY PAGE."

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